Sunday, 28 November 2010


I read somewhere that it takes 21 repeats for a habit to be formed. I am working on a new one. Today was Sunday No 2 and there are 19 more glorious ones to look forward to, hopefully!

We went back into the Forest for breakfast this morning. It is very cold. The air is very crisp. The ponies are foraging for their daily requirements to keep warm. Not one of them would pose for a photograph. Did I say that it is cold out there?

We are still awaiting the snow that has been promised and the ponds and ground water are all frozen and iced over.

Surprisingly, behind this pond, the gorse is still in flower (the bushes with the yellow tops).

We knew there was a warm snug place luring us, all newly decorated for Christmas, The Old Farmhouse.

This is what it looked like when it was a tea room in the area called the Manor House Tea Rooms. This photo hangs on the wall in the front room, decorated with the refections of happy people and Christmas lights but you can still see the road and the beautiful old cottage style building.

Here is the front room where we sat down to await our feast.

On the table are all the requirements for the perfect breakfast experience. That is Cookie A's Cubist sock that I have started knitting.

Two happy souls, smelling that scintillating coffee aroma. The family behind Borneo is happily tucking in.

The scrumptious breakfast arrived and I am afraid I forgot for a while about recording any details so the glory of its presentation is excluded. This is the 'almost finished" stage.

All too soon the table was empty however the bellies were beautifully full. 

Peter came out for the usual chat, hanging his head at England's defeat to the South Africans in the rugby game yesterday while Borneo beamed broadly trying not to look too smug. I guess you know who he was supporting.

When we left there was the obligatory face pulling at the kitchen window, however, the camera did not focus quickly enough to catch Peter in the act. He wagged his finger at me for trying to catch his actions on camera.

It is quite astonishingly beautiful in the Forest today. Even though the skies are muted shades of grey, the sun is making a valiant effort to break through. The autumn colours are dulling down into their winter shades. 

 Towards Bournemouth, the clouds are building again.

This is the view back to Burley.

We came home to the household chores that are necessary now that I am supposed to be 'taking things easy'. I am not good at this. I am happier when everything is in its allotted place, clean and tidy. However, as in most families, as any mother or wife will understand,  I seem to be the only one who knows where these places are. The rest of the family suffers from selective amnesia.   

While Borneo tidied the garden, I cleaned the kitchen which was all I could manage before retiring in defeat to the sofa to rest again as he walking behind me scolding me all the way, chasing me with the vacuum cleaner.  The leg and hip are very weak and it was easy for him to catch me. (Secretly, it was fun to let him.)

So, I sat down to watch him vacuum and to write this. Have a happy week ahead.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


I am married to a very special man who knows me well. This morning he transported me to another world to revive my spirits after Friday's deed. I thank him for this rich blessing.

We headed into the forest to have breakfast at the old Farmhouse in Burley. Peter, the owner, knows us well as old customers and always seems delighted to see us. He cooks my unusual orders to perfection and then heads out from the kitchen to come and chat with us to see how we are. I always feel welcome and special. We end our visit by passing the kitchen window, pulling childlike faces at each other as we leave laughing and waving goodbye. It is a fun experience.

From there we headed to the water at Mudeford. The light was amazing. I had my little camera with me today. Yay.

 The yachts near the Needles were highlighted

and there were swans swimming in the sea at the harbour entrance. It was high tide and the water was right up against the wall.

They made me think of Eala Bhan. I have only knitted 4 rows but the yarn is fabulous, called Pebble Beach. I love it and it is flecked with all the beautiful colours of a pebbly beach that reflect different shades in various lights.

I managed a walk across the parking lot to the other side where the boats are moored. It was cold a fresh out but beautiful and very uplifting.

So, this is a little gift of all of you who have phoned, emailed, messaged and hugged me. I am doing okay, thank you all very much.

My leg is weak and at the moment it deteriorates when I walk any distance as I discovered with my short hike across the parking lot this morning. However, I am not in a lot of pain and it will recover with the suitable rest and recuperation. Patience and loving kindness will take care of this.

We saw old Harry on Coast last night. I am dreaming of walking that coast path in a couple on months time....