Tuesday, 15 February 2011

France (Yes, again)

Leaving home at 4.45 is a challenge but worth the effort. Bournemouth airport was fabulous and trip was the easiest one I have had. There were stars in the skies as we drove and the dawn broke to clouds rolling in over the UK coast.

I managed a few photos of earth from the air over the Solent and the Isle of Wight before the clouds closed over.

After a wet day yesterday, I awoke to a pink dawn. Overnight Canigou had fresh snow.

We drove up the Tech Vally to Amelie to walk along the river along the way we were drawn to Palalda where there was a 10th century church right at the top of the hill. The mimosa is out on all the hills.

The church has the most beautiful door.

This is a typical French Street including the prerequisite scooter.

At least 5 pussy cats came to investigate our presence.

Then we drove down to the river for our walk.  

This mischievous elf walked along the path with me. I think I will keep her.....