Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cross Stitch Iphone Case

I recently acquired a new Iphone so went in search of a cover. Nothing out in the market peaked my interest until I came across this.

I ordered it and while I waited for it to arrive, I was contemplating what to do with it. I decided to try to do something different with it. My daughter attempted to bead it for me twice but we both did not like how looked.

I decided that I wanted to make my own design.

Soon I was stitching away happily

and the design started to take shape.

It took longer than I anticipated to finish and I love it. The Saint loves it too and when I left it alone for a minute to get my camera, I found it gracing his phone where it has now found its new home.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Delightfully Unravel(ed)

I must start this by saying that I have done my best to name all the vendors in the photos here however by the time I reached the Great Hall, it was so crowded that I was not able to see all the names. I apologise for any omissions.

Today was a day of unexpected delights which were well hidden by the sight of the empty streets when we reached Farnham to attend Unravel at the Maltings.

As I walked to the venue, it was evident that a knitting festival was taking place by the numerous decorations along the path.

The knitted balloons along the bridge made me smile as I waited in the queue.

On the other side of the bridge, the welcome was warm

with knitted or crocheted decorations everywhere.

There were knitted moles coming out of their holes on the grass.


These beauties where there to greet us too.

The sign at the door was gorgeous. I love cables and ducks!

Over the doorway, the sheep is suspended and on guard. (I wondered if he was full of gin...) We are 10 photos into the blog and we are not in the door yet....

Finally inside and on my way to the room where the guilds were, I came across the Unravel bags that were for sale. My arm was bumped as I took the photo and there was only ONE chance, lots of people hence the blur.

Here I hang my head in shame as I did not take one photo of the Hampshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of which I am a member. I was too busy chatting to all the ladies and catching up.

Across the room is the West Surrey Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers.  They had some beautiful displays up.

I particularly like this one which has the inspirational photos next to the swatches

and a couple of sweet sheep pinned to the pillars.

It was time to get more serious about what was available in the other rooms. The first yarn I found was Skein Queen. I confess I lingered here a long time....

Across the way, Ingrid Wagner's Rug & Art Creation was very intriguing. Look carefully in the right hand corner and you will see a tan coloured shoe. That will give you an idea of scale. These are BIG knitting needles on a rug. The balls of yarn are fabric which has been cut into a strip about and inch wide.

Hooked by Design featured hooked pictures. This one is for you, Dawn. You know why!

Then I fell in love. The Natural Dye Studio uses historical plant dyes and the yarns are fabulous. There were 2 crochet blankets against the wall and a beautiful spring coloured shawl kit that tempted me sorely!

I also loved some yarn at the Skeins stall as it had cotton content and the colours were beautiful

I am fickle. I fell in love all over again when I reached the Selvages table where these scarves were displayed.

In the next room there were miniature spinning wheels and old knitting needles

and a hedgehog that made me smile. He has character!

Lace made in linen.

An exhibition piece sitting gracefully in the hallway

while another hangs on the wall depicting a favourite British pastime.

The Great Hall beckons.

I found gorgeous buttons for my cardigan at TextileGarden and I shall be visiting them online.

The festival focuses on British wool and there are plenty of stalls which carry natural yarns. I was pleased to see that they were all busy and it was quite difficult to get any photos of them.
Oakhanger Alpacas are home grown in Hampshire.

Fire & Fibre had hangings along the wall. They are woven on a peg loom and the details are crocheted onto the fabric.

These are weaving projects with students from the Falmouth College of Art and the Natural Fibre Company.

Teddy looks cosy and ready for winter.

I love the display of ceramic worms especially the ones that are knitting

and a stall full of delicious looking equipment.

At the Injabulo Stall I was greeted by a little bit of home. I used to collect baskets. All their ceramic buttons are handmade in Johannesburg and are machine washable.

In the corridors were all kinds of displays. I love the old equipment and vintage patterns.

Judy Hartman's Shetland yarn makes up in the most exquisite patterns.

I found the yarn at New Forest Mohair interesting enough to consider using it for weaving. They have an open day on 7 May, the Bank Holiday and you can go and see the lambs. I may have to go.

There were a number of pretty shawls displayed at the Easy Knits booth and I particularly liked this one. The colours are very pretty.

I spent some time admiring the beautiful work of all the wonderful crafters who have been making cushions for Woolsack. Crafters, Designers and anyone who cares to, is invited to a make a cushion cover for the participants of the 2012 Olympics out of British yarn or fibre. The cushions will be filled with British wool and given to those athletes who choose to have one. A tag is attached to each of them with a message from the maker.  On the one near the top of the photo, there is a picture of the sheep whose wool was used for the cover.

If any are left afterwards they will be donated to various charities to bring comfort to those who need it.

My biggest delight of the whole festival was this little man. He is very dear to my heart as I made him for my daughter when she was little because he has a robin on his shoulder and her name is Robyn. Somewhere along the way, he was sadly lost.

It lifted my heart to see him standing on the window sill.

This is a selection of the wonderful experiences that I had today. I unfortunately missed the 'Best in Show' display as it had not opened when I first went to look and then I forgot about it.

I did notice that there is no spinning fibre in this blog today and that was the only thing that I bought for myself.