Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Forest is all a-heather.

After a delicious breakfast at The Old Farmhouse this morning, we were fortified to face the changeability of the the weather. The Forest is afire with heather this year, quite stunningly beautiful, it is probably the best showing I have seen since we arrived here.

Coming from Boldrewood, just before the highway this gorgeous sight greeted us.

Today, the light is very changeable with shadow and cloud and before I could reset my camera, it all looked like this.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Borneo parked the car and we walked off into a maze of heather.

Everywhere we looked there was beauty...

and heather.....

The changing light made photography quite tricky. There was sun.....

and then there was none...

We crossed the road to walk on the other side of the heathland

where there is evidence of the overnight rains

and dark clouds rolling in raining across the plains behind us as we were making our way back to the car.

Here is evidence of the spoor of English wild life in the forest....

and a family setting up to go for their Sunday drive in a pony trap as we returned to the car.

The first drops fell five minutes later. I was happily knitting while Borneo set a course for home.