Sunday, 14 March 2010


As I attempt to age with grace, I realise that it is not as easy as it appears!

I live my life as authentically as I know how to, being with truth as fully as I can. It is a rich choice that I hold in my heart. It is my daily practise which requires constant vigilance. The word vigilance is derived from the latin word 'vigilare', to keep awake, to hold a vigil. It is a purposeful sleeplessness or awareness.

Keeping a vigil of my authenticity is how I know who I am and where I am expending my energy. I am not secretive about it. I just do not talk about it. It is not necessary to share it with others. If I am asked a direct question then I answer it as simply as I can. It can be risky to question me. I answer from truth.

It is how I have learned to embrace life and is deeply rooted in my experience and in my relationship with the Divine throughout the journey called my life. It is personal and not to be bandied about lightly. I understand that what I know to be true for myself may not apply to others. I have a profound respect for this. We all travel different paths. Others must be who they are. I am all that I am.

There is another reason I don't share this part of my life. When my deeper life is revealed, people are often surprised. They encounter the truth as something different to who they thought I was. However, I have not changed in that moment, only their perception of me has. I am still the same person I was a moment ago.

Living authentically means I honour and live my own experiences, even when they lead me to something different to customary views. I don't judge the difference and I don't judge anyone who does. I am purely with what I know. It is applied only to my life. Everyone else must make choices for themselves. That is called free will.

What happens on my journey is always perfect for me. I celebrate that.

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