Monday, 4 October 2010

French Fun

Trudi and her lovely man, Goeff,  fetched us from Perpignan airport.

and we went to the square in Ceret for a pizza that evening.

The next day,  after spinning, knitting and carving we went to the lake.

Trudi and companions unknown feeding the ducks.

We met this creature.

Mr and Mrs Gumby - both very happy souls.

The next morning we had breakfast in Collioure with this view. Coffee and Croissants. mmm

and this view the other way......

Afterwards we walked around looking at the shops and the town.

 A quizzy pusscat

and the last avenue before returning back home to drink wine, eat, spin, knit and carve.

Saturday is Ceret market day.

The boy and the girl coveting things...

On the high street we discovered a gathering of lace makers bobbining .

Then it was home again for lunch, wine, knitting, spinning and carving. We passed this hotel entrance on the way.

Sunday was marathon day with lots of eye candy - none photographed unfortunately. Plenty of funny costumes too but I was knitting instead of photographing.

We sat at a cafe drinking coffee and knitting under these umbrellas in the centre of town, applauding the runners as they finished.

Then, guess what, we went home to - wine, food, spinning, knitting and yet more carving.

Monday was back for another walk in Collioure with crepes for lunch.

The view from the parking lot....

It rains in France and we were mad enough to catch the bus to Perpignan after a morning of the usual crafts.

The worst yarn shop I have ever been into.  If you touched anything the owner stood behind you complaining. Complete chaos. It was tipping as we left and Trudi informed the owner that we had condoms to put on our heads - French pronunciation error. Being Fran ce, the unbelievable happened and we saw a guy with one on his head a little later.

This in the window of the best "hot chocolate" cafe in the world where recovery from the above was sorely needed.

On the way back to the bus station we stumbled upon bliss and were thus late for the next bus.  Even Grant was enthralled by all the colours and all the fibres.

And then home again for the usual............

Wednesday brought a drive through the mountains into Spain

with a monastery tucked below us in the hills

and lunch in a civilised place where we had to pretend to be posh.

 A walk through the quaint Spanish town 

and then home to bray at the full moon with Jupiter hanging next to it in the sky. More knitting and spinning but not much carving done. Lovely red wine........

More spinning, knitting, carving - just assume now that it happened lots in-between.

We did still life photography

then Trudi cooked it all as a wonderful meal and we ate it.

Friday brought a second trip into Spain to the trading post ruins at Empuries and tapas in a town nearby, both seen in the photo here.

There was even a picture of a loom in the museum.

and some of the most beautiful mosaic floors I have ever seen. They are still uncovering them on site.

Saturday is market day in Ceret. You have heard that one before.

Grant buying sausage to bring home and braai which he did on Sunday. French sausage apparently rocks.

We discovered a music exhibition with weird stuff.

You did not believe me did you......

Yes, the man is playing a pig....

Afterwards we had coffee and Churros with an uninvited guest who begged so beautifully.

It was time to leave. We came home with beautiful memories and I received the most beautiful gift a girl could ask for. Grant carved this for me while we were there.


  1. Enjoyed reading this post and looking at all the beautiful photography. made me chuckle a few times.. xx

  2. Wow you seem to have had a great time. Lovely photos and fun post. See you soon, Eddie