Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walking along the Itchen....

I love to go out walking in the middle of the day when people have walked their dogs and wild life  reappears. Today was one of those days. 

I set off down the Itchen River along the Navigation path. On this path one walks between two river streams.

I disturbed a pair of egrets feeding and was only able to capture this blurred image as the birds took off. I love the splashes of water from the feet.

There were two swans making their way up the left side of the river and they eyed me curiously, probably hoping I had brought some bread along to feed them.

The moorhens had left the safety of the water to browse about on the river banks.

Autumn brings out fungus with little mushrooms everywhere.

The light on the trees was beautiful.  It highlighted the ominous skies behind them.

I did not get rained on.

A little herd of horses lifted their heads to greet me as I walked passed and then went on grazing happily.

I would not like to be sweeping these up. In next two photos, the autumn winds are blowing the leaves along the path so they are blurred with movement.

 It was raining leaves here where I came across a deer walking down the path. Its little white butt disappeared very quickly once it saw me.

The homeward path to food and a hot drink beckons after a wonderful eventful walk.

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