Sunday, 5 August 2012

1. Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers - Exhibition of Handmade Textiles

Here are the exhibition blogs and promised. These blogs celebrate the work of the wonderful artists and crafts people who created the selected works. Thank you for your hard work.

The photos are in no particular order.

Blog 1 - mostly knitting and handspun
Blog 2 - mostly weaving
Blog 3 - mostly tapestry
Blog 4 - (July) The Rings

I know I have missed some work and accreditations so I apologise in advance if I have left any one out or have made any mistakes. It is completely my failing and no reflection on the beautiful work you produced.

I have included the typed accreditations where possible. They hang at different angles and are placed in some challenging places! Some photos are blurred and if you can enlarge them you will be able to make out what was written.

Taking photos in a crowded room comes with its own challenges. It is a vast undertaking to record and edit it however I want to share it as I was so in awe of the wonderful work exhibited.


Missed the 'before' box of tops here.

Here is my cardigan that was chosen for this exhibition. :)


  1. Such talented craftsmanship - so inspiring ! I x

  2. What a talented group of people and your cardigan is so stunning :)

  3. Beautiful work - I especially like the cardigans.

  4. What a wonderful display of fiber art! Your cardigan is gorgeous!