Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Cornish walk

The weather in Cornwall at this time of year is delightful, made for log fires, coffee, whiskey and sitting indoors carving, spinning, knitting or reading.

We did however manage to tear ourselves away from the fire and walk every day, only getting soaked yesterday on our last walk before we left.

My favourite walk was along the coast. We drove to Padstow and explored the town

and then headed to Trevone Bay to walk along the Southwest Coast Path to headland at the entrance to the Camel River estruary. It was a very grey day but the views were stunning.

Everywhere one looks the waves are pounding the rocks and cliffs.

The sea has worn away relentlessly at the land until holes and caves abound and with each breaking wave the sound of thundering waters echos across the hills. This is old smuggler country.

We walked over 5 miles along the cliff edges. That is Trevone Bay back in the distance.

I love the different layers in the cliffs where the birds find sanctuary.

The Saint wore his Sheep Heid. I am still knitting mine.

The path stretched on ahead

occasionally fording little streams that dropped over the cliffs as little water falls. There is a great deal of water sitting on the land.

A steep cliff looms before the intrepid walkers framing rocky islands in the distance.

Then we were at the top looking down.

Finally the Camel River came into view which was such a triumph for me. I have not walked like this for over 3 years. I promptly sat down to admire the view and rest the hip. 

We walked back along a more direct path and came up over the hill to meet the sun setting over Trevone Bay.

It highlighted the spray blowing off the waves creating a myriad of rainbows

and then sank behind the clouds leaving reflected patterns in the sand.


  1. Great photos of a great day
    (Terdotty on rav - Cornwall loving knitter)

    1. I love the area too, Terdotty:) I think the photos show that.