Sunday, 17 March 2013

Woven Felted Bag

Last year I had the idea to weave merino tops in the Theo Moorman Techinique which I love. She was a contemporary of my weaving teacher who paid me a lovely complement when this was done and saying that Theo loved to see all the different ways that her technique could be used.

I started with samples which featured in this earlier blog. In early January I wound the warp that grew up to be this spinning fibre bag.

I wove small amoungts of the merino tops in colour sequences.

In showing both the front and back you can see, the weaving at the back that holds the tops is very loosely woven to allow for the shrinkage. The warp is wool with fine cotton, sewing thread, to hold the tops.

I covered it entirely in an old sheet

rolling it up and securing it with circles of cut tights. (Thanks to Sue for all her help. She was a wonderful inspirations throughout this project. )

It went into the washing machine at 40 degrees for half and hour. Because it was over 2m of rolled up tops, it felted differently over the piece from outside to the centre to inner end. It pre-felted rather than felting completely.

The outside edge felted the most. You can see the differences in the next 3 photos

The middle is also quite nicely held together.

The inner edge felted just enough to hold it together and made a wonderfully soft fabric that has me dreaming of future waistcoats.....

I choose the more felted section of the cloth to cut 2 bases for my bag.

I placed them wrong sides together so the base of the inside of the bag would have the felted fabric visible both inside and outside.

I used the softer less felted bits for the 'bag' part

 scalloping one edge as I had plans for buttons.

Sewn together on the sewing machine, it formed a good soft sturdy bag.

While demonstrating at the exhibition in December, I made and inkle band in the same colours to use for the handles. I folded it around some rope before sewing it together and attaching it to the bag

I was delighted to find these lovely sheep buttons which I discovered were made in South Africa.

I blanked stitched the base of the bag to neaten the outside seam.

I love this bag. The colours are cheerful. It is light and a joy to use.


  1. Beautiful, makes you smile x

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I really love it and it does make me smile too!

  2. You are such a creative person, there is just nothing you cant do regarding fiber !
    I xx

    1. You are very sweet, I, thank you:) I have my limits too!!!

  3. That turned out awesome Els! I love the colors and you will get lots of use out of this bag :)

    1. Thanks, Tina. It was a fun project:)

  4. Thank you for the link to your blog, seeing this has helped and inspired me! I like the idea of felting before making up. I am attending a weaving workshop at our Guild after Easter so hopefully some of my fears will be laid to rest.

    I should think this bag is a joy to use and prevokes lots of comment!


    1. So pleased you enjoyed it and it is helpful:)

  5. Beautiful!! I have been playing with some little looms around the house and the idea of weaving with roving is just amazingly cool!! Great project!