Thursday, 28 January 2010

The blackbird's visit

Watching a blackbird take its bath this morning gave me a moment's pause from being wrapped up in my own little world. There was such freedom and joy in its movements. It transported me firmly back into the present moment and reminded me about what is truly important in life.

I had an interesting comment on the division of body and spirit in my last musing and was asked if this was wise at a time where we are desperately seeking the melding of body, mind and spirit into wholeness of being.

This is where I answer, 'I am not my body'. To be my body and mind would be to be all the pain and suffering I have experienced over my lifetime. This is not what defines me and who I am. I am however aware of how they have shaped my thoughts and feelings to help me explore who I Am.

My Spirit is indomitable. My ego likes to forget this. It wants to wallow in self-indulgence which is fair enough for a while but somewhere inside me this changes if I can allow it. This is a miracle to me.

Quietly behind my self-pity, my Spirit sneaks in random thoughts with a different perspective. My ego does not really want to notice them but my Spirit is persistent. Behind my body and mind where the chaos of life is playing out its role theatrically, there is that wise part of me that observes my every move and deed with amusement and annoys my ego intensely. That wise part of me pays no heed.

This Wisdom is not attached to my physical life or my choices in any way. It is not judgemental or unkind like my ego can be. It is merely present to observe and oversee me through my dramas shepherding me to choices that embrace a wider panorama beyond my tunnel vision of the moment. It works very hard.

When I listen, regardless of the strain and stresses I am in, the synchonicities that follow astound me. I am humbled by how present the Divine is in every aspect of my life, escorting me along every step of the way regardless of whether I appreciate it or not. I still fall away from faith and have to be reminded of it again and again. That river of forgetfulness that one drinks of before birth is powerful stuff. Thankfully the Power that ushers me through my life is more formidable than the forgetfulness and is always there to remind me of what is truly important.

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