Wednesday, 3 February 2010


If you have looked to the right of my blog posts you will have seen that I am reading a book called Life Codes. The book has seven codes, one for each day of the week and I have chosen to participate with them as meditations and practices for a week at a time, starting on the day which they are presented in the book. This may change as I embrace this journey because I may want more time with each one.

Reflection is a powerful gift that helps me to know myself. When I think about this I am immediately connected to Gregg Braden's Seven Essene Mirrors and what they are reflecting in my life. For those of you who are not familiar with them, the mirrors are listed very briefly below and are a great tool for reflection when I am feeling challenged.

1)  who I am in the moment
2)  what I judge in the moment
3)  what I have lost, given away or had taken away
4)  my most forgotten love
5)  my relationship with God
6)  my dark night of the soul
7)  my perfection

Monday's mediation was Unity. I used the word 'mediation' quite deliberately as it is an intervention into my daily life. I am tuning in to connect with Unity and how it is present in my life. So I am reflecting on the following:

All is one;
As above, so below;
Whatever I offer out to the world, is ultimately offered to myself.

I start this contemplation with an observation of open-heartedness, to truly connect to and experience all the precious love that I already have in my life - the wonderful Borneo, two lovely grown-up children, the love and support of family and friends and then those amazing synchronicities that flow in me with Divine companionship. I breathe this memory and knowledge into my body. With this action it develops into innate wisdom. 

I am always surprised at the transformation that this simple exercise can bring into my body. Tension leaves and I feel the king of freedom that only surfaces from within. All the grievances that I have been holding on to melt away for the moment. I feel at peace, more so than I have for months. I want to hold onto this feeling forever.

There are so many ways to animate separation and Unity to understand it:

A single raindrop that falls merging with a brilliant turquoise ocean of water;
A single musical note that rises to join the harmonies of a wonderful piece of music;
A single ingredient that blends in enhancing a scrumptious meal.

In the same way, I bring my self to be in the Whole. When I contemplate or meditate, I create a bridge in my physical self where that sacred space is accessed and I connect to a vastness of being. How this happens is a mystery to me, nevertheless it takes me to possibilities that are beyond my mind's dreams and imagination, to an opening where miracles happen.

Every time I expand through the limited physical space that I exist in, I connect profoundly and unquestioningly with 'the bigger picture' and magic appears mysteriously in my life. It comes in unexpected ways and blesses me with gifts that deepen my relationship with the Divine.

Sometimes these gifts are so obvious to me in the moment and at other times I am not able to recognise them until I spend time in reflection, contemplating my thoughts, words and deeds. I am however beginning to know that they are there even when I have not found them yet. The adventure is to find them and delight in them.

Photo 1 The Barracks, Winchester
Photo 2 WIndow and arches reflected in the new font at Salisbury Cathedral
Photo 3 Bridge over the harbour, Weymouth

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