Thursday, 29 April 2010

Morning walk

This morning I managed a walk along the Itchen River. It was early as I left at the same time that Borneo did for his commute to London. I had forgotten how much I love being out at this time of day and how much I enjoy that walk.

Although the sky was dull as there is thin cloud cover, the sun did break through occasionally. There was the full dawn chorus of birds stating their daily business.

I was surprised that there were reflections in the the river as the water is flowing quite strongly. It is always relaxes me when I am able to connect with nature in this way. It was always the way that I have practiced my daily meditation, this walk in nature and I have walked this path often watching the changing of the seasons.

A light mist hung over St Catherine's Hill, obscuring her crown and holding an energy of peace and tranquility. As I walked back towards town, I came across a family of squirrels having their breakfast. They ran away and then when they realised I meant no harm, came back to eat happily while I watched!

The little one on the left is the baby and it's tail is like a bottle brush plant, all spiky as it has not yet grown full. This one came closer to me. It was quite curious.

The gardens are looking so beautiful and everything is green.

The last section of the walk, is close to where I sat knitting yesterday. The trees are all in bloom and it is beautiful, a lovely hour spent next to the water. 

Now it is back to house sorting in preparation for the move and I really don't mind. My soul has been nourished for the day.

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