Monday, 12 April 2010


This weekend we spent some time attending to things that one clears before you move. It brought both sadness and a release. In the garden, stacked behind the shed are all the pots and crates that I used to grow vegetables for the family for a couple of years before we moved here. I felt quite sad letting them go even though I know I cannot possibly plant and grow anything at the moment.

When we moved here the furniture removal company brought a second truck along to transport my potted vegetable garden. The men were gentle and moved everything so carefully, respectful of the blooming and blossoming plants that were entrusted to them. They were grateful to go home with some of the abundance that it was producing.

The disastrous summer that year and the aspect of the garden soon put an end to it all and I only managed to produce lettuce the following summer so the pots have been stored until we move again. Now, I probably will not be able to do this physically for a a while and now it seems foolish to move everything when space may well be an issue.

I did find a home for some of it. It made the release less wasteful.  A friend is a member of a town group who are starting a farm garden and will use all the bits and pieces that go to them. Soon all these will be filled with plants again, blossoming and blooming, ready to feed people who have tended them lovingly. The thought of that gladdens my heart.

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