Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rare Breeds Show in Singleton

Today we attended the Rare Breed show at the The Weald Open Air Museum in Singleton. The weather was interesting as there were dark clouds and they emptied at regular intervals dropping buckets of rain periodically.

We entered through the gates to see all the animals waiting to be judged.

There were beautiful goats. This one was named Gandalf. He is an African goat, very far from home.

These ones where just plain inquisitive.

There were lots of alpacas too. These ones are very wet as they were out in the rain.

We retired into the tent to avoid the rain and there were all kinds of delights awaiting us, handspun hand knits and felt garments.

There was a lady spinning on a great wheel. It was fascinating to leant about it.

This yarn is all dyed with natural dyes. I love the colours.

These were my favourite - sheep made with alpaca fleece,


and this was just the cutest little dog who tried very hard to lick my face.

We had to leave early because Borneo had to work this afternoon so we missed the judged items and the fleeces as this tent only opened after 1pm. All in all it was a lovely, if wet day out!


  1. Why do those pictures look dry??? As wet as we were when we got home!!!! Good thing we are all drip dry!

  2. I successfully hid my camera every time it rained!! Most are in the tents anyway as you know.