Saturday, 30 July 2011

A visit to the pond.

This afternoon as we drove home from errands in the city, the sun broke through the clouds bathing the world in gorgeous light. We dashed in at home, grabbed our cameras and took off into the New Forest to a beautiful pond which I visited earlier in the month with a friend.

Borneo was entranced and sat at the water's edge watching the ducks. The water lilies are starting to open. They are exquisite.

Here is a photograph of my favourite person in the whole world. I do manage to catch him in some interesting poses.

This beautiful blue butterfly graced us with its presence. It is one of the tiniest ones I have ever seen, a third of the size of a blade of grass.

The trees were lit in magical light

and the ducks were settling down for the night.

After some time we left the pond to stroll along the path into the woods. Last time I did not make it very far. I went quite a bit further today.

As we  walked away from the pond, the trees were reflected in the water in the late evening light. The colours were quite lovely.

I wonder what lives in this hole.

Coming out of the woods on the other side, the sun was disappearing behind the clouds once again, giving every cloud a silver lining.

The local wildlife were unperturbed by our passing and continued to munch their dinner and we went home for ours.

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