Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter's kiss

As I attempted to snuggle back under the covers this morning, winter's beauty lured me outdoors as sun rays danced through the mists.

A good breakfast is a cure for all kinds of ills and I visited one of our favourite new places to eat, called 'dish deli-kitchen' where the food is delicious. If you are in Romsey give it a try.

I sat inside at the corner table reading my book until my food arrived, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of a quiet morning. It was cold outside.

Romsey is my UK hometown, in that it is where we first settled when we moved to the UK. It is still very dear to my heart. I took a walk thought the town. There is a pretty little market in the town centre

and a statue of Lord Palmerston graces the roundabout at the top of the high street.

Romsey has a wonderful sense of history and beautiful old buildings. This one is the Working Men's Conservative Club and it is rumoured that Oliver Cromwell hung his opponents from where the sign is hanging these days. I was never able to verify this.

I have never walked to the Abbey along this path.

Through the gates, I came upon the tree, my old friend. I have spent many hours sitting on this bench watching the world go by as I rested after a great cycle.

The Abbey is a beautiful gracious Norman building which has simple lines and decoration. It is a peaceful place inside and we attended choir concerts in its beautiful interior.

The walls outside show its age in a myriad of colours and time's inevitable erosion.

Across the road is King John's House. It dates from the 13th century and has been a thoroughfare for over 750 years. I am always astounded by the age of things here. I enjoy walking through the gardens. It currently houses a lovely little tea room and exhibitions are held in other rooms.

Look at this wall!

The snowdrops are flowering in the garden and all along the country hedgerows.

I climbed into my car and headed out into the country. I was whimsical today and followed my fancy. It lead me to cross the three bridges at Kimsbridge.

Each one has a different view

and the sun came out to light up the water on this section.

I was now driving along one of my favourite cycle routes through Lockerley and out into the country. I have noticed over the last decade how farm animals have disappeared from the landscape in this area and it gladdened my heart to see more of them today. These are sharing the field with a murder of crows.

Winter kissed the land today with mists that lingered over the ground and brought a beautiful gentleness to it.

I continued up into the hills, to catch the view over Broughton into the distant mists once again.

Here, ice lingered in the roadside puddles and icicles hung from the hedgerows.

At the Test River, near Horsebridge, I watched a heron fly lazily along the river and land on the bank, unconcerned by my presence.

There were more 'jumpers' decorating the land further on as I turned my attention to my journey home.


  1. What wonderful photos Elseline ... I almost feel like I'm there :)