Saturday, 11 February 2012

In search of the White Stuff.

This morn we set off towards Brighton on an adventure. 

One of the things that I really love about the journey is that the landscape is spotted with windmills along the way. Somehow they appeal to the romantic in me.

Welcome to Brighton as viewed from the hill where the yarn shop is. Yes, it was the first stop because I am just spoilt that way.

This is the window of Purl. It is a cute shop.

It is set up with some items for that commercialised romantic day later in the month.

There is a shelf like this full of books and some kits too.

Then it was off into the centre of town to visit the Royal Pavillion. We passed this sweet house along the way.

The Saint pulled me into The Little Coffee Company in an attempt to hide the fact that he was walking off in the wrong direction and then he thought this would be funny.

Later, walking down the road, in the appropriate direction, we stumbled upon this spectacular window filled with hand operated sewing machines. What a wonderful, quirky thing to do!

All the windows of the shop were dressed like this. This one is the side window. How many machines do you think they had to acquire to do this?  

In the distance the beautiful buildings of the Royal Pavilion await.

As time was slipping away (and we were not allowed to photograph the interior, one of the rules of many of the houses and buildings in this country) we decided to not go inside and made our way out of town and into the country to a big camera store. 

Here is a little of the Nikon display. The Saint left the required amount of drool all over the store....

Up until this time, we had determinedly ignored the pretty white stuff which was sprinkled liberally around on the hills and fields. Now it was time to enjoy it. These are here for you to enjoy it too.

As the sun dropped lower,  mist started to roll in over the land. Don't miss the dot on the sled on the snow.

We turned the car and headed for home as the sun was sinking below the horizon and I am still in love with my Iphone camera which captured this pretty sunset, the second in two days. Tomorrow the clouds roll back in.

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