Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I am sitting watching the birds on the feeders in the garden this morning, thinking about Valentine's day, considering what this day really means.

In my circle of friends and family, today, Valentine's Day, has been forgotten by many a subdued partner and there is a lot of anger, hurt and sadness surrounding today.

Let me start by admitting I love romantic gestures and demonstrations of love. I loved the story I listened to on the Knitting Pipeline Podcast yesterday, where a husband went to a yarn store and asked for help as he needed a small gift to give his wife to help make amends for his earlier actions.

It brought home to me once again, how unimportant the actual gift was and how important the action was. He really thought about what would make a difference to create an opening to start communicating again. I just love that.

I am blessed to live in a relationship where we celebrate our love every day. I need the little actions that show love and commitment every day in my life. When the world lets me down harshly, I have a wonderfully soft place to fall where my faults and mistakes are gentled, not criticised. I pray that I offer him the same.

Believe me, we both have bad days with bad attitudes too. If a day or a celebration is forgotten, I would rather have an apology communicated sincerely. I don't want grand gestures of guilt. I have been guilty of forgetting many important things myself!

I want to learn to practice unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion so that when my monsters emerge, they will be dealt with kindly too. Our lives are a work in progress, a fabric woven together, both the wonderful and the bad, to create the life we love daily.

To celebrate love, remember the all actions that have shown the love and commitment, that your lovers, partners and friends have shared with you each and every day in your live and CELEBRATE this. If you choose to celebrate it as a single day, that is perfect for you.

However, if it is unfortunately forgotten, enjoy what you already share daily as it is a true daily gift in your life. There is much beauty in this.

Love is very precious.

As an aside, I had the usual sweet-nothing by phone text this morn. We bought the flowers in the supermarket together on Sunday. I love the colour.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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