Sunday, 22 April 2012

Creative and Rural pursuits at Mottisfont Abbey

Yesterday I spent time at Mottisfont Abbey where the Hampshire Weavers, Spinners and Dyers guild was demonstrating at a 'day of country side pursuits and forgotten rural skills'. We had a wonderful day talking to the public and demonstrating our skills. A great deal of fun and laughter was shared liberally in the Stables where we were situated. The day was well attended. I took some shaky photos when things quietened down for a moment.

In the few minutes that I took to wander around, I captured some scenes to show you what was on offer. Outside the Stables was a potter working on beautiful little bowls with bird lids, one of which you can seen here.

There was a leather worker with decorative leatherwork, belts

and the tools of her trade.... all except for the little pink rubber ball in the corner which she was guarding for her daughter.

A thatcher demonstrated thatching and I eyed his reeds with thoughts of handwoven reed mats.

A woodturner with his beautiful hand lathe

was a delight to watch.

This gent was making my new broom....

If the Saint had been with me, he would have steered me clear of this stall. I was really tempted. I may be thinking about going to learn to make them myself..... 

Look at all the animals behind him.

They are made from this which is recycled chicken wire (as I know it) from thatched roofs that are being replaced. A lovely lady makes these wonderful creative animals out of it. Her husband is the thatcher who wanted to keep the wire out of rubbish dumps.

Sadly I missed the trout fishing and the blacksmith. It is April and the time for showers. We are having plenty of them at the moment.


  1. Hi there,
    So glad to hear you had a lovely time on Saturday, Weren't we lucky with the weather?!
    Great photos of the the various things that were going on that day.
    We hope to see you next year if not before!
    Best wishes
    Lily and the team at Mottisfont

    1. Thank you for your gracious welcome which contributed greatly to the wonderful time we had!