Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A wet week in Wales with lots of fireside knitting.

Last week we set off for Wales for a few days of R&R and to visit Wonderwool. 
No trip away can begin without a good breakfast so we stopped in Romsey at our favourite deli, Dish, to enjoy Welsh Rarebit. It seemed appropriate to start the trip with a Welsh theme, delicious!

At lunchtime we stopped in Chepstow at The Anchor for lunch.

Tintern Abby was across the road from the pub. Benda Dayne has published a pair of socks mimicking the arches and named after it. I looked at the pattern and love it. It may be in my knitting queue now...

The inside of The Anchor was a delight and the food did not did not disappoint either.

After lunch we walked a short way along the Wye river before continuing our journey.

A gorgeous view that greeted us at the cottage and we retired inside to the fireside to enjoy it through the windows.

The following morning I was awoken to the sound of the lams baa-ing in the field outside.

We drove to Lanidloes where we had real tasty veggie burgers for brunch at The Old Oak.

When we left the skies were heavy and ominous.

Driving through the countryside the vistas were breathtaking.

We drove around Llyn Clywedog, a beautiful lake. It was tipping so no photos were taken and we continued on our journey to Nant-y-moch Reservoir where we were graced with a dry spell.

I walked along the road to take the last photograph and The Saint ran back to fetch the car and came driving to get me as the heavens opened once again.

Back at the cottage in the late afternoon, it cleared long enough for us to have our only walk of the the trip.

The hills in the distance were dancing in and out of the sunlight and there were sheep everywhere.

The sight that greeted us the next morning was grim...

We decided to hunker down beside the fire.

Some knitting and some tinking happened. It helps to read the pattern properly before trying to knit it. My only excuse is that the view was so distracting.

Saturday did not show much promise either as we drove through the hills to Wonderwool.

I will share this lovely fibrey experience in my next post. When I was a youngster was taken to school in one of these.

Sunday found us hunkering down around the fire again knitting, reading and enjoying the peace.

All to soon the journey home was upon us. 

We stopped at Montgomery to photograph the sun on the fields and then it hid

peeping through the clouds and lighting the fields in little patches.

We saw that the land was flooded in many places on the way home. We were grateful for a safe journey and a safe haven to return to.


  1. Looks like you had a great time in spite of the rain, and loved the pics. Love to you all.

    1. We had a lovely time, thank you:)