Saturday, 6 February 2010


This photograph is in honour of a friend who loves otters. This weekend we are visiting her as Borneo needs to take some photos for his photography project. Being here has made me think of friends and friendship, what this means to me and how blessed I am with the friendships that I have in my life.

Although I don't see most of my friends very often as most of us live vast distances away from each other, the bond that we have formed survives the tests of time. When we finally meet up again after months or years apart, it is like slipping into a luxurious sweater, all warm and comfy, woven in the threads of friendship, carrying all the colours of the memories and laughter we have already shared.

Coming to stay here is like being home from home. Everything is new yet still the same since. The silences are comfortable and the laughter is joyful. It is exciting to catch up on all the news, to sit and enjoy meals together and stumble off to bed at the end of a long day looking forward to the time shared tomorrow.

A BIG thank you to all my friends out there for the joy and laughter you have brought into my life. May you be equally blessed.

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  1. As usual my beautiful friend is never at a loss for words. it is 1am in the morning as i read your blogs and can only say that you have stirred my heart and made me want to dance with joy, cry with memories of the people you have mentioned, anger with the treatment of your daughter, but you never fade with the distance in miles of what you have meant in my life and always will. Some friendships just last a life time and this is one. Your discription of Bornea is oh so "Borneo" a man that has been in a constant in all our lives and lives and resembles the memories of old. Lots of love to you both my special friends. Ms Oakley