Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

I am great a fan of romance and all things that celebrate relationships with the ones you love however I have never managed to find enthusiasm for Valentine's day. To me, one day that celebrates 'love' or 'mothers' or 'fathers' or any of the other named days, simply is not enough.

These gifts are such an intrinsic part of my life that I feel that their importance needs to be celebrated daily in acts of expressions of deep gratitude. Every day I want those I love and who love me to know that they are never forgotten and I appreciate who and what they are in my life.

My experience with Valentines day as I grew up was an easy one as I was one of those blessed ones who received cards every year throughout those important years when your self esteem depends on such acts to develop you into a half-reasonable adult. (I might add here that I still don't think I am one.)

I remember wondering who the anonymous missives were from. I remember watching the envy and jealousy at boarding school and feeling such sadness that so many fearful emotions were attached to one single day that celebrates love. I decided that I did not want to part of it as too many hopes or dreams seemed to be pinned onto a piece of card.

I am blessed with Borneo who tells me he feels the same way. We do not make a big fuss about anniversaries, birthdays or Valentines. We celebrate each other and our loved ones when ever the feeling comes over us on any day it suits us. It happens often and this is so wonderful. The surprises are heart-given and heart-felt. Sometimes they are not surprises at all.

Today was no different to any other day. We went down to our local cafe for breakfast. The atmosphere was electric. It was fully booked with couples gazing deeply into each other's eyes. We caused quite a stir as we sat down. Borneo got out his laptop and I, my knitting.  Later we moved on to newspapers.

At some time we looked up we realised that we were the only ones behaving like this, not paying full attention to each other,  rather sharing conversation when we had something to say. Another couple came in and also read their newspapers. We smiled at each other. It felt as though we were starting a mutual support group.

We enjoyed our food, the quality time spent together, comfortable enough to enjoy companionship whilst being being involved in other activities. It seemed quite scandalous to those around us and there were many strange glances.

As an aside to this, Borneo had a cunning plan to break the the mould this year and he was very clever. You see, on top of Valentine's Day, it is our 30th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of days. So he came home with three dozen beautiful white roses yesterday. He knew he could get away with it because he gave them to me on the day before the day and I really could not say much about it except 'thank you'.

He wants to be quite sure that I understand that he feels more strongly now than he did back then. He is just that kind of sweet wild man of Borneo. So here with these written words, I celebrate his gift to me with you.

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  1. This post is so beautiful! I am reminded of how I came to be the person I am. You and dad inspire me every day, and I appreciate that more than you could possibly know!