Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Forest dressed in Festive Fun.

This morning we awoke to a world blanketed in snow once again. It was peaceful with few venturing out. As my hip is not being agreeable currently, Borneo and I had to plough through to Waitrose early to buy groceries as I will not be able to do this by myself next week and preparations need to be made for the festivities at the end of next week.

I have had a miserable 48 hours with constant pain and have been grumpy and low. Upon our return, after sitting and resting for a couple of hours, this lovely man in my life, took me off into the Forest. He knows how much I love trees.

I was able to take my big camera because he drove me everywhere. He stopped just outside Lyndhurst  for me to take this. I love the way the snow lies gently on the bare branches.

On the other side of the town, parents and children where sledding down the hill and building huge snowmen in rows. It made me smile. There was nowhere to park the car and photograph the snowmen which I would have loved to do.

We pulled over into the gateway of a farm and there were gorgeous views out over the fields.

The horses were huddled in their blankets.

We drove on to Rhinefield Ornamental Drive. We have always loved the Tall Trees Walk where the Redwoods tower above one. This is a small one. It looks like it is covered in lace.

Across the road along the foot path is a lone bench seated with snow.

In front of it, some one has done this on a slice of tree trunk. It made us laugh. Robyn says it looks like a decapitated snowman.

This is my attempt at artistic photography today. It is not as successful as I hoped it would be.

We drove on towards Burley and the forest was decked out like this along the way.

The colours are just awesome.

The sun came out and the late afternoon light had that magnificent beautiful golden tint.

On the other side of Burley, there are open fields leading down to the local hotel.

On the way back to the highway, Borneo pulled over into a driveway and sat waiting patiently for me to take my final shots of the day.

These final ones were some of the best of the day.

A forest decorated in Festive glory. What do you think?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures from a lovely day out. Hope it cheered you up and helped ease the pain. Thinking of you guys. Much love and blessings at this time xx.