Thursday, 2 December 2010


As soon as the world is dressed in the white magic of nature, I am happy. I have no reason for this. It is just beautiful and I love it. On discovering very little snow in our area yesterday, I took a slow long drive alone my old cycle routes in search of snow.

It was a beautiful crisp morning out. First I called at the Corner House in Winchester to gain sustenance and to see some old friends.  From there, as I am not able to walk too far, I moved the car to the other side of town to visit the Christmas market in the Cathedral Close for a very slow amble through a lovely quiet but very cold market. Very few were out yet.

The Art and Design market is on Sunday and I hope to visit this one too. I drove off towards Romsey and swung right into the countryside outside Hursley. In the distance, on the left is the Horse Memorial, barely visible against white skies and spotted white fields. There are the tiny remnants of the night's snow.

I drove on towards King Sombourne where the high fields behind the village were finally covered in snow. This is the view looking from the top of the hill on the other side of the village.

I visited a weaving studio outside Stockbridge where the snow lay thick on the ground. The firs held snowy decorations.

I am very pleased that I sated my need to dispel cabin fever yesterday. After Borneo had arisen for his daily commute this morning. He informed me that we had 3 inches of snow last night. The world here is still and quiet. It is thick with snow and no one is moving except my mad wonderful man who spent an hour on the platform waiting for the train that never arrived. 

The back yard is a picture of serenity and beauty. It is still snowing.

Buddha is dressed in his snowy winter coat, deeper than he has ever been covered.

And prayers are still holding up under the snow.

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