Friday, 17 December 2010

A morning out.

Last week, I had a wonderful morning out in the New Forest with a lovely knitting friend. We started at the 'new' local yarn shop.

We were disappointed by the lack of local (as in UK),  luxury yarn or just good plain natural yarns. It appears that the smaller local shops believe that there is not a market for this which really surprises me. Other than a select stores in cities, it seems that knitters in these areas don't knit 'natural or luxury'.

We have quite a substantial knitting group that meet in Southampton who knit with these kind of yarns, most of which are being acquired by internet transactions  Many of the members are willing to travel a good few miles to find a good yarn shop where yarn can be stroked, fondled and purchased. These are sadly few and far between here, so another average yarn shop disappointed us once again. There is no reason to return.

We withdrew to a tearoom in Beaulieu to knit in public, chat and find solace in coffee and Devon Apple Cake (with a dash of cream). My friend had her back to the room so did not see all the looks of interest we stirred. I think the waitress was the most fascinating to watch. She kept on stealing peaks our way, trying to figure out if we were really sitting there knitting. It looked like she did not know whether to be highly offended or amused. It did make me smile.

After my friend left to fetch her children, I drove to the church yard to look at the beautiful old church. It is a really different shape. Unfortunately, it was locked so I could not go inside.

Next to the church is the 'hobbit-like' gatehouse entrance to Beaulieu Estate where the motor museum is.

It was an icy day and the pond was completely frozen. The colours are still gorgeous against grey skies.

Earlier when I arrived in the town, the tidal river banks were frozen and icy too. By the time I left, the tide had turned, filling the basin with a reflective sheen. It was very peaceful.

I drove to Lepe to see the Solent and the Isle of Wight. Even though it was a very grey dull day, there was such beauty everywhere I looked. It is inspiration for the soul.

Driving home, I mused on the beauty of this country that I love living in.

Season's greetings to you all.  Have a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season with friends and family. May the New year cherish the fulfilment of your dreams.

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  1. Nice to read and see how the rest of your day been. It is cold and grey outside but nature is still beautiful in his own way. Have a lovely time as well.xx