Friday, 7 January 2011

Plan d'Eau, lake walk to feed the ducks

As I write this, I am sitting in front of the fire with a glass of lovely French red.... and Catalan olive oil cooked crisps. I still believe that God is Catalonian.

After long delays in the airport on Wednesday, I finally left Blighty at some ungodly hour and arrived in Gerona after midnight. Trudi awaited me with patience and tolerance after receiving many text messages to say that the new plane had not materialised yet. The one I was supposed to catch in the afternoon was damaged when the ground staff drove the mobile staircase into it. I was grateful to catch her before she left the comfort of the fire so she did not hang around the airport.

We got home after 2.30am and fell into bed, sleeping late to recover. The waiting experience did not benefit my hip and yesterday I had a quiet day sitting in front of the fire. The skies were grey.

I ripped out my knitting several times before I realised that I was really too tired and sore to concentrate so I sat watching the fire.

Today has dawned with mist covering everything in sight and a quiet morning was spent catching up on admin.

Then the sun broke through burning off some of the mist and we jumped into the car to go off to feed the ducks.

After the bread had been received, not very graciously, we walked around the lake. 

I am so excited. I walked around this lake with no problems! 

That is Canigou in the distance and there is still a little snow on the peaks.

Along the way we saw this bracket fungus that looks like an elephant's foot.

The scenery was uplifting and breathtaking at the same time.  Clear on one side and mist on the other.

In amongst all of this, there was the mad French man we named 'Bob' because his head was bobbing along, dressed it a speedo, swimming in the lake.

The light was awesome.

I feel so grateful to have coped with the walk and be blessed with such wondrous beauty too.

I pray that your days are richly blessed too.

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