Monday, 10 January 2011

Sea, Lakes and Mountains.

This morning we decided that to introduce some restorative action after a few days of lurgy, we would head to the sea at Collioure. This is one of my favourite places.

As we drove out of Ceret, we discovered that a flesh batch of snow had blanketed Canigou and it was sparkling like a diamond in the morning light.

In Collioure, Trudi and I both chuckled when we saw Santa's Hat perched on the castle turret.

It is a spectacularly beautiful day at the sea side.

As we walked along, we saw this shoal of baby fish hiding in the shadow of one of the boats in the harbour.

On the rocks next to the wall, a boat has been carved into the rock. I had not seen it before.

There are no tourist about and all is quiet and serene.

Across the bay, the view is just as stunning.

The light on the mountains was beautiful.

Beware, photographer lurking.

We sat in a seaside cafe drinking hot chocolate embracing the wonderful view!

Knitting at the seaside is to be highly recommended.

Afterwards Trudi indulged my delight in the snow on Canigou and took me back to the lakes to get some more beautiful pictures.

Yes, another one.

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