Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This week so far..

Here I am playing with photographs again when I could be finishing off knitting projects but there is so much beauty here every day.

On Sunday we walked along the quays at St Cyprien. It was a grey day and cold but still beautiful out.

On Monday, Trudi bought me yellow roses, my favourites.

and we went yarn shopping in Perpignan.

On Tuesday morning we walked into town to have Bears Paws and coffee at the boulangerie. We had a walk around town where I saw this beautiful door.

and Canigou was wearing a halo.

We drove up to Montbolo where the mountains were just spectacular.

This is Amelie Les Bains in the valley. It is a spa town.

It is quite a pretty little town along the River Tech

These are the mountains behind it.

Montbolo has a picturesque little church.

Today we were in Elne for the sunset.

It does not get much better than this.

But it did as the moon rose over the Mediterranean.

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