Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Devon Guild of Craftsmen - work

On the advice of a lovely crafting friend, we took off from Torquay to Bovey Tracy on a misty rainy day, to examine the delights of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen which is housed in this old mill building.

We were not disappointed and spent many hours inside enjoying the exquisite craftsmanship of these wonderful artists.

On the outside wall, this gorgeous mosaic gives one a little taste of what is to come.

There is gorgeous colourful pottery

and fine ceramic work which is translucent in the light.

Raku pots. 

And sheep, of course.

Metal work.

More sheep with a bird or two. Devon is a 'sheepish' county.

Beautiful boxes. I love lacewood. It has a lovely shape.

Beautifully decorated tiles. I love feathers.

Glass jewellery

Fully automated miniatures.


Handpainted silk scarves

Handwoven baskets

Lots of different kinds of ceramics.

Handmade books

More hand-weaving tucked in a corner with some turned wooden objects too.

This is truly a delightful place to visit. It was inspiring and the quality of all the goods was amazing. I had to confiscate The Saint's wallet as we live in such a tiny house there is nowhere to put anything!

There was an exhibition on 'Blue' inspired by indigo dyeing on at the time and I shall post this next time.


  1. Oh how lovely !, thanks for showing this. Will have to go and visit.. I x

    1. It is well worth the visit and there is another shop near Torquay in Cockington but we did not manage to get there.