Friday, 23 March 2012

Up and Down the Devon Coast

Sunday morning saw mist over the sea. I went for an early walk along the beach and was greeted with a glorious sunrise over the water. 

It is always so wonderfully peaceful at this time of day.

The view across the bay to Brixham was beautiful

and a cormorant sitting on a rock. It was high tide so the water was lapping up against the sea wall.

When the Saint was up and fed we set off for a drive up the coast to Teignmouth where we stopped in a quaint coffee shop called The Coffee Rush in Shaldon. They had restored the building leaving this bit in the wall exposed behind glass, showing the old cob contraction.

The butter was truly scrumptious!

Afterwards we walked around the town. I saw a beautifully decorated building with fox heads painted on it

and then passed a fun sign in a house window.

Across the water was a lovely view towards Teignmouth. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring the area and driving along the river.

On the way back we stopped to walk along the headland near the apartment which gave us a different view of the bay islands.

In the park, the Douglas fir trees were laden with pollen, yes, all that yellow stuff on the branches which drifted off them in a yellow mist as the breeze swept through.

One last glance across the bay before we left.

The following morning, I took my early morning walk in the mists which burnt off later allowing brilliant sunshine in Torquay.

The family dressed for spring and we headed down the coast to Plymouth were we found the mist had settled in for the day. It was cold. 

It had us scavenging in charity shops for warm clothing for the girls. I am seldom caught by this country's whims anymore and travel well prepared. The Saint was grateful for the jersey that I had packed for him too.

 We went in to the Marine Aquarium which brightened everyone's spirits. Photography was quite challenging here with water movement so enjoy these although they are not great.

The little crab here was smaller than a 10p piece

 I love the colours of these sea anemones.

 Where's Nemo.....?
Afterwards we went back to find the sunshine at the apartment in Torquay and I stood spinning on the balcony watching the sun dress the islands in pink as it set.

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