Sunday, 20 May 2012

Exbury Gardens 2012

This is mostly a photo blog to celebrate the beauty in this wonderful garden once again and also the fact that last year I navigated it with a wheelchair and this year I walked the entire morning enjoying it immensely!

We drove through the New Forest where the foals are all gangly and awkward but beautiful nevertheless.

The sight that greeted us as we entered the gardens promised a morning of colour and delight. I trust that you will enjoy this too.

 There are still bluebells under the trees.

Nature's knitting...

The view across to Buckler's Hard at the end of the garden.

Back via the cascade pools.

One of my favourite things in the garden is this ancient tree with a cross cut of all its rings showing

and events like the Battle of Waterloo named on the flags nailed in to indicate which ring it applies too.


  1. What gorgeous photos!!! Thank you so much for sharing Els :)