Sunday, 13 May 2012

National Spinning Week (last week)

Last week was National Spinning Week here in the UK and I was blessed enough to be able to spend 3 days spinning and promoting our wonderful Hampshire Guild. I took photos on the first and third days and forgot completely on the second as I enjoyed spinning. I apologise for any omissions.

We were at King John's House in Romsey which dates from the 13th century and was a major building in a medieval complex. It is a late Tudor / early Jacobean timber-frame  house with loads of wonderful character and not a straight line in sight. It was the perfect setting to share our crafts in.

Here is Grace, my Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel, set up and ready for me to spin

and this was my view from my chair. Notice the yarn on the bobbin, you might recognise it from the tops in the Wonderwool post. I have spun 9 ounces already:)

A closer shot of Jane's gorgeous Japanese Kumihimo braids.

Shosh and I sat spinning on either side of this wonderful old fire place. We met and chatted to wonderful people and the museum folk were gracious hosts.

All around the 2 rooms that we occupied where examples of guild crafts. The knitted goods and yarn below belongs to Judy who dyes, spins and knits these garments. The yarn is all labelled with the names of the plants used to dye them. I love all the colours and am looking forward to the workshop in July.

The sample board is a wealth of information about different fibres, recycled plastic bottles and banana included. All the samples were spindle spun and knitted by the same lady.

In the second room Sue was demonstrating felting. Here she is dry felting a piece for the National Exhibition.

These are some of her gorgeous pieces. I tried the gloves on and they felt wonderful.

Jane was setting up to braid on the Marudai braiding stand and did inkle bands too on her lovely floor loom.

On the third day there was a good turn out. Shosh spinning on her side of the fireplace,

Sandra, Shirley, Dawn and Bev (sitting in my chair) spinning on the other side. Ruth sat opposite us. A great deal of laughter and fun was shared by all. Bev was kind enough to show me longdraw and I am itching to try... I think I may need a second wheel - better not let The Saint read this one...

Sue was back, wet felting this time, delicate scarf with camel fibre that shrank magically before my eyes

and Jane kept her company, warping up the inkle for the next band.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel very blessed to belong to a wonderful guild.