Monday, 28 May 2012

Spring is sprung and other activities...

A walk along the Test River in Romsey was a delight on Friday. Spot the fish.

Spring has sprung and all along the banks flowers are celebrating the warmth. I don't know the names of most of them but I can still enjoy their beauty.

I love irises and there were a myriad of different shades along the way.

Daisies make me smile.

A family of ducks hurrying by, the little white one struggling to keep up.

I love the 'Monet effect' of the reflections in the water. The colours are inspiring.

The river was gorgeously serene bringing a peaceful walk before breakfast and a busy day ahead.

On Saturday, when the Saint and I cycled to the lakes in the morning we found that the signets had hatched. There are 7 sweet little fluff balls.

On Sunday eve, we loaded the bikes on the car and set off for Hengisbury Head near Christchurch and cycled from there which is the furtherest part of the bay in this photo

all the way to Poole and back, a staggering 15 miles and the longest cycle I have been able to manage in 4 years. It was awesome:)

The Saint is taking a sip and the Daughter is waiting on the left in the wings patiently.

It was a beautifully clear evening and we could see Old Harry across the bay where I am longing to go and walk along the cliffs again.

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