Saturday, 8 October 2011

A day and an evening walk along the Esplanade in Manhattan

The last two days have been quieter to rest and recuperate. As I write this all my knitting chums are making their way to Ally Pally or other UK craft related events and I am waiting for the Saint to awaken. 

On Thursday day I walked passed Battery park and ambled along the Hudson River taking in the views of New Jersey. It is much quieter along here with few tourists. The nannies are out with their charges. 

The Esplanade is beautifully maintained and there are benches all the way along it to sit and knit and ponder the world. There are the prerequisite joggers, roller bladers and cyclists along the way.

This little bit is particularly pretty.

There is even a little Gaudi-like park with the open air chess boards on the tables. Bring your own pieces! 

This is how the other 1% live... the big one is called Imagine and the little one is called Imanginary....

Yesterday evening, The Saint and I walked this road together into the sunset. The photos are a bit grainy as my little camera does not handle night well, but they are still lovely. Lady liberty is bathed in orange with a helicopter buzzing about her head.

The moon is up and everyone is out enjoying the wonderful weather along the water.

The sun has set over New Jersey. Isn't it gorgeous. I want yarn those colours...

The path is all lit up...

and a clipper is sailing off into the sunset.

Lady Liberty is now all aglow with lights

as darkness settles in over the city. It was just so beautiful out.

As an aside, Manhattan must be the safest place in the world right now. Every truck that enters certain streets and buildings is inspected by sniffer dogs and as a result of the current demos on Wall Street, there are mounted police in front of the Stock Exchange and policemen on every corner. I have never seen so many policemen around in my life!

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