Sunday, 2 October 2011

Start spreading the news...

We arrived yesterday after a long flight and my hip behaved...YAY.  Did I mention that we arrived to UK weather... rain, rain, rain with more forecast for today. After bringing the wrong suitcase from the airport, we had to spend the evening in while this was sorted and we were all reunited once again the morning. (It was the one with my YARN in it!!!) Hence no exploration last night but this morning we were up bright and early to catch up.  

The view from outside the hotel. The sun is shining and there are BLUE skies. 

We walked to the east and this is the view of Brooklyn across the water.

Next on the agenda was some food!! The Saint is ordering while I sit knitting at a table. Decent coffee at first try!!!

Then it was back to the hotel to prepare for the excursion to the 3rd Avenue Food Festival in Brooklyn. We passed this beautiful church down the road with a very beautiful graveyard on the way to the subway.

I managed my first subway journey in years and we emerged out into Brooklyn at Bay Ridge Avenue where one of the Saint's work colleagues met us and showed us a real Brooklyn welcome. We were treated like royalty. We stopped in at the nearest pub first to top up our energy levels before joining the crowds that stretched from 68th Street along 3rd avenue all the way to the Verrazano Bridge at 101st Street. 

It was wonderful to be in the neighbourhood amongst real people and all that the food....

We stopped at Mai Thai for lunch and this was the scene as we ate a scrumptious lunch.

Then it was back to walking along the street where Halloween is showing its presence.

The guy to the right here is making delicious potato cakes and fried zucchini fritters some of which may just have made their way back to the hotel with us for supper along with some other little delicacies introduced to us along the way. In the distance, just below the tree, that tiny thing you can see is the bridge that I told you about earlier.

As the day came to an end, we found another pub to 'rest and recuperate'. There may just have been a couple of glasses of red wine imbibed..... and then to add to the fabulous hospitality that we had already experienced with these lovely people, they took us to a car service to organise our trip home. This is the Manhattan skyline from the car on the Brooklyn Bridge and I got my first glimpse of Lady Liberty as we drove back. 

The driver dropped us at the Chase Manhattan Building as the Saint wanted to show me the Totem Pole

and we ended the day much as we started it looking up at the sky as the a little rain began to fall and we headed back to the hotel for me to write this blog.

Most awesome of all, is that I walked over 8000 steps today, albeit slowly, with NO pain during or now, for the first in months. It has been an unexpected blessing. Celebrate it with me. 

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