Sunday, 16 October 2011

Waterfalls and view from a veranda.

As it has been wonderfully warm here, I have spent quite a bit of time on the veranda enjoying the fall colours growing across the garden..

Every day the trees colour more. This one was yellow when we arrived and is now growing red.

In the mornings we eat a scrumptious breakfast looking at this through the dining room window. Beyone the red tree, the Catskill Creek runs and one can hear it when sitting on the veranda.

After the enjoying this the first morning we set off to the Ashokan Reservoir which is one of New York's largest suppliers of fresh water. There is water flowing over the slipway which the locals tell me is very unusual for this time of year.

Then the river flows on.

The following morning saw us heading for the Catskill Waterfall. There was a beautiful church along the way.

We found the path and ventured forth.

My first sight was these young ones taking in the beauty.

The top of the falls flows into a pool

which then trickles down the mountain

The fall colours were breathtaking but I plan to write another blog titled 'fall colours'. These are just a sneak preview.

On the way back, Grandma's house caught my attention.

This sign made me laugh.

We found our way to the Devil's Kitchen passing this derelict house on the side of the hill.

Devil's kitchen is a gorge with beautiful scenery

and one waterfall

after another

with views across the Catskill Mountains.

We drove into Saugerties as our bellies were rumbling from the exposure to all that fresh mountain air. We ate at 'Someone's' (we can't remember her name) "Full Belly Deli" where the food was delicious and we could hardly move when we stood up.

We found the path to the Saugerties Lighthouse and walked out alongside the Hudson on wooden walkways that made me understand the area floods.

The river is immense and medium sized vessels can traverse it all the way to Albany which is about 200 miles inland.

I would not want to tramp on one of the with bare feet. Did I mention flooding, full moon and high tide hence no Lighthouse.

We drove on to Woodstock where we discovered that the famous concert took place 60 miles away in Bethal!!! Woodstock is quite a hippy town. It even had knitting graffiti on the hight street. How does he always find his way into one of my shots?

Between these two sign was a lovely little river.... er, creek...

Then there was school bus bringing kids home which told us it was time to leave.

We visited a cheese shop and a wine shop and collected the makings of a picnic to spend the rest of the evening on the porch.

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