Monday, 3 October 2011

Downtown Manhattan

Every person on the streets of New York is a type. The city is one big theater where everyone is on display.
 Jerry Rubin quotes 

This morning found me walking down to the water and arriving at this view as I turned a corner. 

I am sure that you will agree, the Wall Street Bull is more pleasant from this angle.

I walked into Battery park. It is a place that will give one a chance to stop and pause for thought in several places. Ahead is one of them, it is a sculpture that was removed from Ground Zero and placed here.

Even the squirrels do Tai Chi in the park.....

Clinton castle and I know nothing about it. I read the sign as I passed it. I was intent on the that park bench in the distance.

Here I sat down and took out my knitting to ponder the view and enjoy some people watching. There are actually quite a few of them out even though I seem to manage to skilfully avoid getting them in my photos.

This is my view. Here she is, the Lady of Liberty who makes me think about how blessed I am to live in a free society and have the opportunities that I am graced with in my life. The ferries are swarming on her like bees to the hive.

A Liberty of another kind and he ain't no Lady! He did make me smile though as he sauntered passed.

This little chap provided some company and sat about a foot away from my shoulder and posed so beautifully.

 After a couple of rows I made my way back across the park.

The entrance to the Bowling Green Subway station is a charming little building.

My next destination was this beautiful building - The US Customs House which houses the National Museum of the Native American.

It is quite imposing inside with murals on the ceiling.

Before the entrance to the exhibition, there is a photographic exhibition of the Crow Tribe which is quite impressive. I liked this one best. 

This musical instrument is completely decorated with beaded. It is exquisite.

There were so many interesting bits but the weaving and pottery caught my attention.

Beaded baskets

 and traditional dress. I have only ever seen drawings of a papoose.

All the decoration on this garment is beadwork. It was stunning.

A container house made from bark with a removable roof that can be used as a container too.

Lastly, a modern piece, a walrus made from a tire and hubcaps and pvc piping.

It was time for lunch and a quiet afternoon back at the hotel. Who knows what this evening will bring once the Saint appears....

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