Friday, 21 October 2011


When the Sainted husband said that the American trip was for my pleasure, I totally underestimated his determination to make it be this way until he said that it was no problem to drive four and a half hours to Northampton and back, to take me to a weaving shop, well, yarn and fibre and patterns and needles and samples and ..... weaving too:)

I thank him again, for his unfailing determination throughout our entire trip, to make sure that I was having the time of my life, which I truly did.

Webs was an experience.

When I mentioned on one of the Ravelry weaving forums that I was coming to visit, the lovely carpeyarnum contacted me and told me to look her up as she works there. When I arrived, she took me under her wing and showed around and then left me to wonder around and make those BIG decisions. 

Very quickly I had a basket full of yarn and was offered a trolley.... I realised what I was getting into. The Saint had deserted me for coffee.... I put everything back and started again, remembering that Rhinebeck was yet to be visited and I have not won the lottery yet....

The view on entering the store is of 2 large rooms, the one at the back looks as though it is for staff only but it is not!! It is just filled with more racks of yarns as you will see later.

In the front of the store is a seating area for long suffering husbands/partners to sit and drink their coffee and ponder the damage to the bank balance. This photo is to the left, where all the weaving books were and the start of the weaving yarns. I may have liberated a book or two in my second, more thoughtful venture around the store.

These two occupy the shelves above some of the weaving yarn.

Weaving samples labelled with the yarns and patterns used, some of the drafts were free. I may have liberated some of these too. On the right of the photo is the entrance to a classroom/conference room.

I did not want to bore you with all the pictures of the weaving samples. I will do that in the Rhinebeck post which will be the next post.

Then there is the yarn which is arranged by weight 

and samples everywhere which are both interesting and gorgeous.

There is a corner of the store dedicated to fleece which is probably the size of the average UK yarn store. Does that give you a little idea of how BIG the store is?

That was just the FIRST room.  The second room is Pandora's Box which holds packets, cones and bargains on racks

and more racks

There was a great deal that I did not remember to photograph like all the wonderful knitting needles. 

I came away with lovely weaving loot and looking forward to the Rhinebeck adventure too. The staff at Webs were amazing and wonderfully friendly. Everyone I spoke to was a weaver and a spinner. They were knowledgable and shared their experience easily. It was a great morning.

Walking through Northampton after lunch, I came across the LYS and had to visit it too. It was a lovely shop and I bought a pattern here. I loved the window display.

Although it was an 'all yarn day', we did drive past this sign on the way out of town that made us both laugh. I told the Saint that he had missed the opportunity to visit it while I was yarn shopping!


  1. Wow! Now I really want to go to Webs ~ thank you so much for sharing your adventure :)

  2. wow...i've never been to WEBS (I know, living in New England this must be some sort of oddity!) but your images and words help clarify just what others who HAVE been there have also said about the vastness of it. I might wander in and never find my way out...or worse (better for the pocketbook though) I might leave empty handed as when there are too many options I find it almost impossible to make decisions. Thanks so much for a lovely tour!

  3. I had a lovely time and the staff were excellent. My DH made sure that I did not get lost and did save me from depleting the pocket book which left more for Rhinebeck!