Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Last day in the city and free concert in Central Park

On Saturday, I caught my first glimpse of Central Park, yellow cab and all.

The Saint and I explored the city together for the whole day. He chose the Natural History Museum as there were exhibitions of live butterflies and frogs. The butterfly enclosure was stunning. There was one young lad who was a butterfly magnet and as he walked around he was just covered in these beautiful creatures. Sadly I saw nothing posted to identify the butterflies but I may have missed it.

We moved on to the frog enclosure where we did not  walk freely among the frogs as some of them can kill you if you touch them!

An Amazon Milk Frog posing on a leaf.

Toad in a hole. Whatever it is, it is shy.

No idea..... but it is tiny just bigger than 50p piece.

He is gorgeous and is a Chinese Gliding Frog. I love his face.

 As we had spent so much time enjoying these two exhibitions it was time to fortify ourselves for further exploration and unfortunately we missed out next timed exhibit so decided it was time to find the 'great out doors' for a walk in Central Park. We strolled through the park from the museum all the way down to the end, sitting and enjoying the gorgeous day every so often.

We even came across concert in Central Park and lingered on benches listening to the music. I really like being older and not feeling pressured to see and do everything that the world has to offer. We enjoyed a lovely restful time in the park.

Behind the concert is the most gorgeous view over the lake where lots of people were out on boats enjoying a beautiful day. We chatted to the locals and had fun.

The horse carriages passed us by filled with happy tourists and I decided to skip the ride as I was enjoying my ability to walk.

The late afternoon saw us down at the Staten Island Ferry for a sunset cruise with yet another lovely view of the Lady Liberty.

On the left is New Jersey, in the middle, Manhattan and on the right is Brooklyn bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun.

The coast guard escorted us for the whole journey across to the island.

As the sun set, it cast the most beautiful light over the vessels

and then it was gone, leaving everything bathed in orangy pinks.

The trip back was just as lovely with the lights of the city dancing on the water. Here is the Manhattan skyline as we came into dock.

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