Friday, 14 October 2011

Garage sale and evening walk...

On Sunday we exscaped New York city and drove upstate to Tannersville. There were many garage sales along the way but this is the only one that we stopped at. The quilts drew me. 

The woman makes them all herself and some are hand quilted and others are machined. I must admit, I coveted one but when I asked the price, on hearing our accents, she pushed her prices up by 25%. Lady, you lost a sale. I may be a tourist by I am certainly not stupid.

This is to be our home for the next week. It is a wonderful old house (1890's) decorated downstairs in the William Morris style.  The veranda, lounge and bar are all common areas strewn with history books and leaflets about the area and the owner has lived here all her live and hiked all the trails. 

Kelly is wonderful and a font of local knowledge and great ideas of where to spend one's time. The breakfasts are to die for, egg bakes, waffles or pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon bread. Who would want to leave?

We are in a quirky room and I have a little set of stairs to get into bed. I just love it!

We deposited our bags and set off for an evening walk around North and South lake to shake off the car trip.

The light was so beautiful, highlighting all of nature as we walked along. 

I discovered Big Foot was here!! Kelly told us later that a bear had loped through the garden last week.

The reflections of the fall colours in the water were breathtaking.

A peaceful sun setting behind the tree

and a serene lake to reflect the last rays

as the campers have left the water and the boats are pulled up onto the shore for the night.

The walk was pure food for the soul as I also managed the first rough paths and 'mountain goating' that I have managed for a while whilst taking in scenes like this one.

Then the sun was completely gone and it was time to make our way back before full darkness set in.

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