Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pier 17 and an unexpected Yarn crawl.

As I walked down to the water yesterday, I was greeted by the rubbish barge making its way down the East River.

Things did not improve much when I crossed the road and ambled towards Pier 17 which is a small shopping mall with food court. This is a strange place to gamble..... or is the Queen blushing...

The Saint said I should go down as the view from the deck was gorgeous. The Pier was not open when I arrived but there were benches outside that overlooked the South Street Sea Port which is also a museum and all these vessels are part of it. I sat here knitting for awhile.

Then I strolled to the other side and sat looking at Brooklyn Bridge for a bit.

Finally the mall opened and I discovered to my horror that it is Xmas in New York... Yes, that is the name of the biggest shop I have ever seen filled with Christmas decorations and decorated Christmas trees around every corner.

The shops were filled with all kinds of tourist tat however these amused me. Fancy an Oscar anyone?

I escaped the tourist trap onto the top deck where the view was indeed lovely, not a cloud in the sky.

On Governor's Island that impressive building in the front is not actually a building. It is a vent for the Brooklyn tunnel.

In that last building on the left, the Saint is at work, but at the moment I took this photo, he was waving at me.

The tourists arrived and started queuing for the NY Water Taxi. That line just grew and grew as I sat knitting.

I left to meet Abby from the Knit Knit Cafe Podcast for lunch. We met at Knitty City on West 79th Street to fondle yarn first. I had resigned myself to no Yarn Crawl as Purl SoHo only opened at 12pm and Habu may be closed as they say on their website that they close when they travel and it is the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alley Pally this weekend...

This is a lovely shop and I liberated some ChiaGoo needles to continue my current knitting project. I almost gave in to Madeline Tosh Lace but they did not have enough for the project I was thinking of.

We ate lunch at a delightful Vegan Cafe and I had a delicious quinoa salad and then Abby told me there was another yarn shop nearby my if my hip would be kind enough to take us there. We negotiated and it acknowledged my disappointment from the earlier cancelled plans and agreed graciously to co-operate. 
We walked into Knitter's Heaven..... The Yarn Company. 

This is only one of three walls of yarn in a range that was amazing. There were some very different yarns including gorgeous linens and some that made one gasp when one looked at the price. Why am I in love with Cashmere? The best yarn name I saw was 'Seduce'. 

I may just have liberated some yarn here....

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